Dat Tantierisgeval zeurt over een bijna 40. Ik ben zo goed als 42. Op de eerstkomende Valentijn mag u mij nietproficiat wensen. 42. Mensen.  Waar klagen die bijna 40-jarigen over? Belachelijk gewoon. En dat 42 The meaning of life, universe en alles anders is, is een schrale, schrale troost. Bijna 40. Pfuh!

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  1. Hm, I’m comfortable with this but still not wholly sure, hence i am about to research a tad bit more.

  2. Fannie zegt:

    Hey, that’s the graetset! So with ll this brain power AWHFY?

  3. O . k ., that is a good start but i’ll have to look into that a touch more. Will show you exactly what more there is.

  4. I’m aware of this already, nevertheless there are a few helpful pieces that finished the picture to me, appreciate it!

  5. Hm, Now i am ok with this nevertheless not absolutely convinced, so i am gonna research a little more.

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